Conduct Expectations


Professionalism is paramount at Darrell Barrett Salon and Spa. Our appearance and dress code is in place to make our guests as well as yourself know you mean business. We take this very seriously and reserve the right to send a team member home to change if leadership finds the dress diverting from our standards set below.

  • Clothes must be professional and may be any variation of Black, White and Gray.

  • We allow you to accessorize in color with your shoes, jewelry, scarf and hair accessories.

  • Black and Gray denim is acceptable, however, it cannot be faded or have holes in it. Any denim resembling blue jean denim is unacceptable - i.e.  faded black or gray.

  • No athletic style leggings.

  • No sleeveless shirts allowed.

  • No shorts allowed.

  • Skirts must be a modest length.

  • No athletic shoes - (only fashion style shoes).

  • Open toe shoes are allowed, however no casual, beach style flip-flops.

  • Only fashionable hats are allowed - No beanies, bandanas or baseball caps.

  • Hair must always be styled fashionably! Casual ponytails are not acceptable. We prefer Goldwell or Aveda hair color to be used, however if another brand is used a stylist must be able to replicate the look with Goldwell or Aveda color. 

  • Aveda makeup is encouraged, but if another brand is worn, it must be in alignment with what Aveda offers. A guest must be able to be replicate the look with Aveda makeup.

  • To not overpower the Aveda aroma, we ask that over powering synthetic perfumes not be worn in the salon.


We wish to convey to our guests a professional, luxurious experience with every phone call, visit or conversation we have with them. Therefore, we have incorporated certain words and phrases we wish you to use and become part of your vocabulary.


  • Instead of “yeah” or “uh-huh” or “OK” or “sure” you must say: Certainly or Absolutely or yes ma’am, yes sir

  • Instead of “your welcome” or “no problem” you must say: My Pleasure or Our Pleasure

  • Instead of “What’s your name?” you must say: May I have your name please?

  • Instead of “Let me see” or “Let’s see” you must say: I can check on that for you or I can check our availability

  • Instead of “What’s your phone number?” you must say: May I get your phone number please?

  • When answering the phone, we greet our guest with "It's a great day or a beautiful day at Darrell Barrett, this is ___, how may I assist you?"