• All guest service and hourly employee time off is requested and approved through management.

  • All time off requests cannot be approved. Priority is given on a first come first serve basis.

  • Once a schedule has “posted” it is the responsibility of the team member to find coverage for the hours they are scheduled to work.

Sick Day Policy

  • All team members must notify their manager as soon as possible if they are unable to work due to illness.

  • Team member should attempt to find their own coverage before reaching out to a manager, and make up shifts might be required on short notice.

  • In some cases a physicians note will be required to return to work. (Example: more then three consecutive days absence due to illness, or cases where a pattern of sick leave arises)


  • Shifts can vary in length depending on the availability of the team member or needs of the salon.

  • Any shifts under 5 hours do not have a dedicated scheduled break. If a break in shift is needed, an employee can take a 15 minute on the clock break if they stay in the building and are able to assist with any duties needed during this time.

  • Shifts over 5 hours have a break time of 30 minutes. If the 30 break is taken, then the employee must clock out. A 30-minute break can be broken up into two 15 minute intervals but cannot be taken at the beginning of the end of shift.


0 – 1 Year of Service:

  • 5 Paid Personal/Sick Days, per Maryland Law

  • Your personal days can include Saturdays however ONLY two (2) Saturdays are allowed off in one year.

1 to 4 Years

  • 5 Paid Personal/Sick Days

  • ONLY four (4) Saturdays off a year

5+ Years of Service:

  • 5 Paid Personal/sick Days

  • ONLY five (5) Saturdays off a year